Advanced Technology Interactive

Interactive diagram showing how Direct Drive creates a waveform

On this interactive image:

Click ‘Source 1’ to ‘Source 4’ to see what happens as DC power sources are switched
Click ‘Distriverter’ to see how the waveform is corrected to produce a pure sine wave
Clicking ‘Target’ turns the displayed and desired pure sine wave on and off

Note the few changes of state and the small differences between the staircase and the target waveform. This enables the Distriverter to be both small and extremely efficient.

The Distriverter

The Distriverter is a very small device placed at the start of an AC string. It is responsible for outputting the difference between the target waveform and the staircase produced by the Inverter Optimisers. When its output is applied to the same series connection, the staircase is “cleaned up” and pure AC is the result.