Power Mate

Power Mate provides grid connection

At Sunvertec, we've designed our inverter solutions to be completely flexible – they are able to produce any grid frequency and voltage. This allows considerable savings as the exact same products can be supplied worldwide.

The Power Mate provides regulatory compliance, drives the inverters for the local grid, and provides data logging of every module in the system.

Key Features
  • Connects 1-4 Xenos (solar PV) or Sonex (energy storage) strings to local power grids.
  • Standard 3-core cabling links Xenos/Sonex to the Power Mate
  • Power Line Communications (PLC) to Xenos/Sonex
  • Hybrid operation with high power UPS outlets
  • Up to 6kW continuous output on one–phase with 1 string
  • Up to 10kW continuous output across two–phases with 1 string
  • Up to 20kW continuous output balanced across three–phases with 2 or more strings
  • Grid injection can be automatically limited with excess power diverted to battery storage or UPS outlet
  • Provides RCD and over current Circuit Breaker protection
  • Aggregates data from up to 240 solar panels/battery cells
  • Gigabytes of onboard storage
  • Ethernet, WiFi (via adapter), and on screen data viewing
  • Low cost: no complex power electronics
  • The only part that needs to be specialised for different regulatory environments

Custom Grid Interfaces

Whilst Sunvertec is supplying Power Mate to the Australian regulatory environment, our intention is to allow other companies to partner with us and design and sell their own equivalents for their local areas.

Xenos/Sonex can also be used for non-grid-tie applications - the distributed inverter architecture allows for complete output control over high voltages and power. For a Xenos system consisting of a single Distriverter and 10 Inverter Optimisers, rough capabilities are as follows:

  • Frequency Range: DC .. > 60Hz (broadly slew rate limited)
  • Max Slew Rate: 300,000V/s
  • Max VDC output: 700V
  • Max VAC output: 500V
  • Max Current: 22A per string (pk at low frequencies, RMS at grid frequencies)
  • Command Rate: > 100Hz
  • Developer's kits 2017

To receive more information on developing a custom interface for Xenos and Sonex, please complete the enquiry form.

NB: Focus remains on Australia first and foremost, and all plans and specifications are subject to change.

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