Xenos Distriverter

The Xenos Distriverter is the brains behind a Xenos String


The Xenos Distriverter mounts to the edge of a solar panel at the start of a Xenos String. At one end, 25mm conduit thread is provided allowing standard 3-core cable to be professionally wired to the system. On the other end, an Optimiser Port for connection to the first Xenos Inverter Optimiser.

The Xenos Distriverter adapts the output from connected Inverter Optimisers for connection to the electricity grid. It passes monitoring data to the Power Mate via power-line communications.

The Xenos Distriverter and its connected Inverter Optimisers are capable of producing a wide range of voltages and frequencies making them suitable for worldwide use. The connected Power Mate configures the system for the local grid and provides data logging and viewing.


The Xenos Distriverter is a low voltage, low heat, highly efficient device. Because it is only performing a small adjustment on its input, efficiencies can exceed 99.8%. To read more about this device, see our Technology page.

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Integral Safety

Optimiser Port

Terminals for standard 3-core wiring

Aluminium heat spreader reduces radiated heat

Optimiser Cable connects the Distriverter to the first Inverter Optimiser

The Safety Switch allows the installation
to be set to either standby or off

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Key Features
  • Designed to have a typical operating efficiency exceeding 99.8%
  • Adapts standard cabling to Optimiser Cable, initiating a Xenos String
  • Communicates via¬†power line communications (PLC) back to the Power Mate
  • Panel edge mountable
  • All active components are low voltage¬†parts, maximising reliability
  • Built-in Safety Switch
    • Easily accessible from side of panel
    • Allows switching a Xenos String to either STANDBY or OFF
    • Safety Switch is removable, locking the string to OFF until replaced
    • Safety Switch can be placed on either side for versatile panel mounting
  • Design specifications:
    • Ingress Protection IP67
    • Minimum 5 Inverter Optimisers for 230VAC, 10 optimisers for 400VAC
      • These minimums allow for full performance under partial shading conditions
      • Power Mate automatically operates long Xenos Strings at 400V across two-phases to improve efficiency
    • Maximum 30 Inverter Optimisers regardless of voltage
    • 22A max operational series current
      • Max 5,000W @ 230V (with at least 5 Inverter Optimisers)
      • Max 9,000W @ 400V (with at least 10 Inverter Optimisers)
    • 500VAC max operational series voltage
    • Wide-range frequency support, DC to >60Hz
    • Maximum string slew rate 300,000V/s