Xenos Inverter Optimiser

Xenos Inverter Optimisers connect solar panels to a Xenos System

Xenos Inverter Optimisers mount easily to the corner of a solar panel, and support connection to up to 4 solar panels via their dual MPPT inputs.

Inverter Optimisers extend a Xenos String, with as many installed as are required for your solar installation.

Inverter Optimisers get the most out of your solar panels

Each Xenos Inverter Optimiser continuously monitors each of its inputs to follow its Maximum Power Point — the point where the solar panel is producing the most power. Where a Xenos Inverter Optimiser differs from other technologies is its ability to produce AC at above 99% efficiency, right on the module.

With Xenos Inverter Optimisers, there's no need for a string inverter. And unlike micro–inverters, Xenos Inverter Optimisers do not duplicate the complexity of grid connection as that is taken care of by the Power Mate and the Xenos Distriverter. This allows Xenos Inverter Optimisers to produce AC at a lower cost and more efficiently than anything on the market today.

Xenos Inverter Optimisers have high power handling and produce little heat. Each of the two inputs is capable of 600W allowing them to accept even the largest solar panels — but they're just as capable of working with smaller.

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< 0.5L


Small form factor

2x Optimiser Ports
2x DC inputs with MC4s (not shown)

Status LED

Clamps to the corner of a solar panel (no drilling required)

Key Features
  • Designed to have a typical operating efficiency exceeding 99%
  • Two inputs with independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
    • High voltage limit (75VMPP) allows 2 series-connected solar panels to be connected to each input for 4 solar panels per optimiser (regulations permitting)
    • Highly efficient, even under low light or with a single panel connected
  • Modular design allows expanding your inverter system alongside your solar installation
  • Energised by other modules in the system at dawn, allowing dawn to dusk operation
  • Integral Earth and Earth Sense
    • Earth Sense verifies that there is no serious leakage to Earth
    • When connecting more than one panel, Earth Sense verifies their Earth connection
  • Automatic bypass circuitry in case of electronics failure
  • Two Optimiser Ports
    • Bidirectional: Optimiser can be connected either way around
  • Small and light, less than 500cc in size
  • Clamps to corner of solar panel (no holes required)
  • Status LED for easy system diagnostics
  • Design Specifications:
    • Enclosure Rating IP67
    • Per Module:
      • PMAX 1200W
    • Per Input:
      • VMAX 90V
      • VMPP 10-75V
      • IMPP 0-9A (exceeding may lead to thermal limiting)
    • Per String:
      • IRMS 22A
      • VRMS 500V
      • Frequency N/A

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