Energy Storage

The future of energy storage is Sonex

At Sunvertec, we are looking for partners that desire to use Sonex to power their energy storage solutions.

Energy storage devices already need electronics for monitoring and load balancing. With Sonex, similar devices can now also generate full AC across the battery pack, and the standalone inverter can be made a thing of the past.

Integrating Sonex within an energy storage solution is simple. Electronics can be provided bare, allowing custom design over the system. A scriptable VM allows customisable thermal behaviour, monitoring, and full control over charge/discharge profiles.

Two form factors of Sonex are planned, all-in-one (for battery packs) and modular, for extensible battery systems.

Power Mate handles connection to the grid and regulatory compliance, meaning that AC batteries can now be made a reality.

Key advantages
  • > 98% round-trip efficiency
  • Sonex provides both load balancing and full AC, on battery
  • Customisable power handling: Xenos equivalent handles up to 20A and 75V per module
  • Low cost - Sonex' distributed inverter design allows lower pricing
  • One set of electronics for all markets:
    • All common grid frequencies and voltages supported
    • Connected Power Mate determines grid type and provides grid regulatory compliance
    • Potential for custom control over Sonex output, including DC or variable frequency generation
  • Programmable charge/discharge and thermal behaviour
  • Desire to work with global manufacturers to allow a new standard for energy storage

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