Solar Farms

Xenos is the future for solar farms world-wide

With Xenos, the same hardware used on small-scale solar is scalable to higher voltages and longer strings for use on solar farms.

Distributing your power electronics reduces central points of failure, and brings per panel monitoring and optimisation, allowing future solar farms to be managed in far greater control than ever before.

Safety is improved by the ability to shut entire strings down to safe voltages for system maintenance.

Key Features
  • Distributed multi-string architecture eliminates the costly central inverter and maximises up-time
  • Mass produced low voltage modules – same hardware used for all-scale solar installations and all electricity grids across the world maximising system reliability
  • Up to 500V 60Hz AC generated can be generated by each string, reducing cabling losses and offering even higher efficiencies than small-scale solar
  • Per input monitoring and optimisation, two independent inputs per module allows up to 4 panels connected per module (75Vmpp*2) and up to 30 modules per string
  • Reports failing panels and their location
  • Optional automatic bypass of failing panels to reduce system damage
  • Simple, safe, and compact cabling
  • Easy to build-up and extend Xenos Solar Farms
  • High efficiency (> 99%) affords entirely passive cooling
  • < $0.10USD per Watt before 2020 minimising BOS costs
  • Technical details
    • Ingress Protection IP67
    • Complete current and voltage profile control
    • Recommended: 4 panels < 35VMPP for 70V per input and 1200W per Inverter Optimiser
    • MPPT specifications (2 per Optimiser)
      • VMAX 90V
      • VMPP 10-75V
      • IMPP 0-9A (exceeding may lead to thermal limiting)
    • Per string
      • 500VAC series connection
      • 22A series current
      • 11kW series power
      • Up to 30 Inverter Optimisers per string
      • Programmable frequency, DC to > 60Hz
      • Maximum string slew rate 300kV/s

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