Household Solar Systems

Xenos is the solar system for your household

With Xenos' modular design, you can now extend your inverter system as you add to your roof installation. Panels can even be of different types and manufacturer and subject to different shading - Xenos optimises your system to ensure there's no loss of efficiency.

Xenos is more efficient than any other inverter system on the market, adding to your power generation.

And with its low cost of manufacture, Xenos means lower price solar going into the future.

Key Advantages
  • Australian manufactured for top quality control
  • All roof surfaces can be used, panels can even be mixed and matched
  • Xenos grants the ability to extend your system at a later date
  • Series connection allows for low voltage electronics, maximising reliability and cost
  • Xenos is safer, when in standby the whole string is sent rapidly to a safe voltage
  • Two in-built safety switches allow switching your whole solar installation to standby
  • Smarter design means lower cost solar
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