A new age of inverters has arrived


an ultra-efficient, integrated energy storage battery and inverter


How Sunvertec will change solar for you


Sunvertec is an Australian company at the forefront of distributed inverter research and development. Distributed inverters are used to connect solar panels and batteries to the grid and bring a host of advantages over conventional inverter solutions.

Distributed Inverters:

  • Are modular, allowing easy expansion of solar systems
  • Allow mixing and matching of panels with no loss of efficiency
  • Offer world-leading efficiency in an extremely small form factor
  • Are low cost to produce and will serve to drive down the price of solar worldwide

Whilst other inverter solutions attempt to connect an entire string of solar panels to the grid (string inverters), or alternatively perform the entire grid connection on a single solar panel (micro-inverters), distributed inverters "break-up" the task of generating AC across multiple units. Each unit does just a little bit of the work, reducing complexity, improving efficiency, and lowering cost.


  • Distributed Inverter for Solar applications
  • Per panel monitoring and maximum power point tracking
  • > 99% efficient
  • < $USD0.10 before 2020
  • Coming 2018
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