A New Inverter Topology

Project Description

Sunvertec’s Direct Drive technology builds AC right at the source.

Direct Drive works by “switching” energy sources, such as batteries or solar panels, in series with one another building up an approximation of an AC signal, as shown by the “Optimisers” in the graph. But between the “staircase” produced, and the target waveform there remains a small, low-voltage, error.

Sunvertec has developed a small device capable of putting out this error signal, correcting for it, such that the overall result is an incredibly accurate reproduction suitable for grid injection, eliminating the need for a conventional inverter. We call this device the “Distriverter”.

By removing the inverter and generating AC right across the sources, efficiency is increased, size and cost reduced, and other benefits such as BMS functionality (for batteries) or MPPT (for solar panels) can be realised “for free”.

Project Details