Direct Drive Technology

World-first Direct Drive technology offered by Sunvertec is smaller, lighter and more efficient than any other on the market.

Direct Drive Inverters convert power from low voltage isolated DC power sources to high voltage AC suitable from mains power. The inverters are high power with low harmonics making then ideal for UPS and on or off-grid application.

Direct Drive technology carries significant advantages over traditional inverters including:

  • Ultra low cost: power conversion below 10c/W.
  • Record efficiency: <0.6% losses for storage, anticipated <1% Solar PV (incl. MPPT).
  • Smaller: Just 0.4cc/W for storage. Sonex’s 5kW inverter takes up about 2L of space.
  • Lighter: 0.4g/W for storage. Sonex’s 5kW inverter weighs in around 2kg.
  • High surge capability: system can easily supply double the design current for short periods of time.
  • Flexible power conversion: inverter can target DC through AC, including harmonic reduction for power conditioning functions.
  • Modular: Direct Drive architecture is modular and scale-able, making it ideally suited for renewable energy applications.
    • Unlike micro-inverters, only the minimum electronics necessary is duplicated per source. Primary “slew” functionality and grid interface is commoned out to a single device per string.

The technology behind Direct Drive technology is patented worldwide on multiple levels with spin off patents and provisionals filed related to its roll out into Solar PV and storage applications.

For more information on how Direct Drive can work for you, register your interest in a test and demonstration system or contact us today on at or call for a one-to-one talk with Kevin on +61 433 834 722.

Overview of how Direct Drive works to create a waveform

A pure sine wave is created by series connected modules. These series connected modules add voltages together to create a total voltage.

Unlike traditional inverters that create a total mains AC voltage from a single DC power source, Direct Drive switches low voltage DC power sources and a Distriverter corrects the waveform to create the pure sine wave.

On this interactive image:

  • Click ‘Source 1’ to ‘Source 4’ to see what happens as DC power sources are switched
  • Click ‘Distriverter’ to see how the waveform is corrected to produce a pure sine wave
  • Clicking ‘Target’ turns the displayed and desired pure sine wave on and off

SONEX storage benefits from unique advantages of Direct Drive technology

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Sonex storage with built in Direct Drive inverter