SONEX modular storage

SONEX 5kW / 2.5kWh single phase module


SONEX wall mount

15kW / 7.5kWh three phase weather protected SONEX

Sunvertec has developed SONEX, an innovative battery storage technology.

SONEX systems comprise modular battery storage systems which are self-contained, high power, low cost and light weight. Along with possessing similar advantages to XENOS, SONEX overcomes the need for matching of every cell’s internal resistance¬†and plateau voltage, resulting in a significant cost saving, as a complex manufacturing step is no longer required.

SONEX connects directly to the grid. By including low cost Direct Drive technology, no external inverter is required.

There are no easily installable and transportable low cost systems like this available on the market. The size and low price of SONEX is only possible with Direct Drive inverter technology. Conventional storage systems leave little change from $10k per installation, meaning householders and installers worry about not just the initial cost, but the system lifetime and warranties.

By using Direct Drive Technology, SONEX has a much lower up-front cost and simpler installation process.

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Direct Drive Brochure

SONEX specifications (Mar 2018)