Sonex is Xenos for energy storage

Energy storage providers are invited to make AC-ready systems powered by Sonex.

Sunvertec is looking for partners in this new frontier.

Sonex hardware is capable of handling load balancing, charging, discharging, AC generation, and features programmable operation. The same Sunvertec-provided Sonex hardware can convert all common grid voltages and frequencies, allowing energy storage solutions to be sold worldwide. The Power Mate technology can be specialised to handle grid compliance issues and drive the system as necessary.

Connecting Sonex to a Power Mate is all that's required for true hybrid operation - including UPS out.

With its high current limits and programmable behaviour, Sonex is not limited to just conventional batteries. It can make any collection of isolated DC sources a truly flexible AC-DC-AC solution.

And, thanks to the efficiency granted by distributed inverter technology, less energy is wasted in each direction.

Key Features
  • Better than 98% round-trip efficiency
  • Same low cost as Xenos
  • Compatible with the Power Mate for hybrid distributed inverter operation
  • Automatic load balancing
  • High power electronics provided for your storage solution
  • Same hardware for all grid types and voltages, from DC to above 60Hz
  • Apply now to be the first to get a developer’s kit:
    • Scriptable VM provides customisable charge/discharge and thermal control
    • Electronics provided in either extensible modular AC format or an all-in-one design for battery packs
    • Production models can be specialised for your current capacity
    • On-board electrolytic capacitors allow for stable charge/discharge of DC sources
    • Sonex Samples to partners expected late 2016
    • Developer’s kits expected 2017
    • Mass production and sales 2017+
  • NB: Sonex requires at least 4 isolated storage devices to produce mains voltages. These can either be modular, allowing users to add to their installation over time, or provided within a single larger battery pack.

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